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Welcome to our site!    

What could be better than having Quality IceCream novelties with a
or IceCream Truck right at your spot?
Buzy B Ice Cream in Jacksonville,Fl, can handle all of your icecream needs at any special event such as:
• Birthday parties
• Company picnics
• Church events
• Employee appreciation days
• Fundraisers
You name it!


Where can a TRUCK be more suitable?

Trucks are well-recognized vehicles on the street by kids and adults.

For block parties, concerts and sport tournaments.

For promotional use by companies, we can drive the truck to designated locations and pass out the ice cream.

We can provide the excitement of the ICE CREAM TRUCK directly to your special event. Our licensed and insured trucks deliver quality ice cream novelties directly to your event. Choose from kids favorites such as Dora, Spongebob and Tweety characters... or Choco Tacos, Oreo & Resee Bar for the adults! Buzy B Ice Cream has a wide-ranging selection that will fit any need you have.

We provide:
    • An icecream truck
    • A wide selection of icecream novelties
    • A professional vendor to distribute our products

What does it cost?
You pay only for the ice cream with a minimum charge based on your location.
Buzy B Ice Cream can bring quality icecream novelties to any situation you need!

Arrange for our truck to stop at:
     • Your workplace...so your employees can enjoy their break
     • Your sales territory...so you can indulge your customers
     • Your waiting area...so your customers can pass the time
     • Any time and place you want!

Schedule your event or schedule a stop now!



Where can a PUSHCART be more suitable?

High rise buildings, with or without attendant.

In the middle of large grass fields such as Forest preserves where trucks are not allowed.

For companies which occupy different floors of the building and have indoor events which need the pushcart to be pushed from one place to another.

If you need a push cart for your event, we can provide a colorful push cart stocked with your favorite icecream novelties in Jacksonville Fl. Push carts are ideal for all day events and larger groups. Whether you are hosting a family or company picnic, block party, corporate event, fundraiser or any where you would like to see smiling faces, then we have just the right idea for you!

We provide:
     • A clean, colorful ice cream pushcart
     • Prepackaged novelty icecream of your choice
     • Depending on the size of your event, a professional vendor to distribute our products

What does it cost?
You pay for the icecream and Push cart rental depending on your location.

Schedule your event now!

Want to make your next party a total hit? Shaved ice machines can turn any event into a tropical getaway.

We provide:
      • Top of the line shaved ice machine     
      • A wide variety of flavor syrups
      • Serving cups & spoons are included
      • A  professional vendor to distribute our product

What does it cost?
The cost is based on the number of people to be served at your event and event location.

Smaller events- ask about machine rental without attendant


Buzy B Ice Cream is Available for any type of event imaginable!

Give us the Date, Time and Location of your event and you can be sure a vending truck or cart will arrive to put a smile on the faces of your guests, young and old alike.  

Schedule a stop!!!



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